By donating today you will be contributing to the sustainability of Sir Peter Blakes legacy, helping us connect New Zealanders to our iconic vessels Steinlager 2 and Lion New Zealand, through school curriculum and leadership programmes, group charters and racing experiences, and ensuring these boats continue to inspire and education the next generation.

The work we do on board our vessels can be hugely beneficial to those who participate. This year we will work with more than 900 young New Zealanders delivering our youth programmes that bring to life key values such as leadership, teamwork, communication, determination, courage and respect. Each team member learns a variety of roles they need to perform in order to help the yachts function.

Our programmes and ongoing vessel maintenance is partly funded by programme fees, racing experiences and community or corporate charters, however for most of the funds required to keep the yachts at the high level of safety and functionality and to run our organization we rely on generosity.

We are looking for the support of people who wish to connect with Steinlager 2 and Lion New Zealand and share our commitment to preserving the past in order to shape the future.


Below are some of our daily operational costs to give you an idea of how your donation might be used:

$65 per day to insure both yachts

$180 for fuel for a four day sailing journey

$400 per day for maintenance costs towards both yachts

$350 per day for food per yacht

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Sponsor A School Group – Become A Corporate Partner

Help a school cover the costs of a sailing journey experience with the NZ Sailing Trust.

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No matter how big or small, a bequest is one of the most significant gifts you can make. It could change lives for better, making a big difference to help inspire young New Zealanders.

Your gift can be a specific sum, a percentage of your estate or even a specific property or asset. And how it’s used is up to you.

For more information please be in touch with Paul Powney at

P: +64 9 215 0762
M: +64 21 333 816