The best part about having iconic Whitbread Round the World Race yachts is that they are perfect for racing! The Trust will consider all races that members and supporters are interested in taking part in.

All you need to do is contact us to discuss the race and/or follow us on Facebook. Or become a Member of the NZ Sailing Trust – members have first option of crewing both in-shore and off-shore races.

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Photo credit: Sarah-Jane Blake

Youth Racing

One of the Trusts missions is to help ensure the future of New Zealand’s maritime industry through providing opportunities to young New Zealand sailors. One of the ways that we are going to achieve this mission is to provide racing opportunities for young New Zealanders. We encourage young New Zealand sailors to join the crew for any racing that our vessels take part in, some age limits will apply.

Contact us to register your interest!

In-Shore Racing

The NZ Sailing Trust is always looking for guest crew to join us aboard Lion New Zealand or Steinlager 2 for any of the available inshore races such as:

DAY RACING – a great chance to experience sailing and get involved with helping sail these magnificent yachts.

  • Club Passage Races – i.e. RAYC Gold Cup
  • Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta
  • Friday night local Rum Races

DAY/NIGHT RACING – these races can take up to two days to complete depending on the weather. All crew sleep aboard and the longer race gives you an insight in to life aboard these types of yachts when they sailed around the world, plus the exhilarating sail up or down the coast!

  • Coastal Classic – Auckland to Russell
  • Auckland to Tauranga Yacht Race

Crew don’t need to be experienced, just keen to join in and give it a go. We assist with advice on the clothing required and what you need to bring. The NZ Sailing Trust can provide wet weather jackets and pants (to most), plus supply all the safety equipment needed – lifejackets etc.

Keen to experience sailing with us? Contact us to register your interest!

Photo credit: Sarah-Jane Blake

Off-Shore Racing

Up until 2014, the Trust with Lion New Zealand, and more recently Steinlager 2, had competed most years in an offshore race up to Fiji or Noumea.

At this stage with our core activity of delivering sailing journeys for young people has fully booked the vessels they aren’t available to compete in any off-shore racing.  If this changes in the future we will promote the opportunity to our supporters via our Trust Newsletter.

We would however consider a charter for an offshore race, if you are interested in this option Contact us .

Experienced Sailors

If you are an experienced sailor and interested in volunteering as crew either inshore or offshore racing, please get in contact via our volunteer form.

Happy Sailors

Photo credit: Jeff Brown

“It was a fantastic experience! Everyone on the boat was great, easy to get along with and very supportive. The crew and the watch captains were very competent and everything was always under control. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the race and it is an experience which I will certainly never forget.” 2014 Fiji Race

“Best thing I have ever done.” 2014 Fiji Race

“Lots of fun, some hard times but very much worth it (an experience that not many will complete).The achievement, the comradeship, the team work and the celebration the next day were highlights.” 2012 Noumea Race

“This was a great experience and a privilege to have the opportunity not only to go racing on Steinlager 2, but also to be able helm and be actively involved with the return sailing.” 2015 AKL TGA Race 

“Do it do it do it! You will not regret this experience.  The Trust team are a special bunch of people who believe in what they are doing – preserving a wonderful piece of New Zealand maritime history and developing seamanship.” 2010 Fiji Race

“This was a highlight for the entire year and we are still buzzing about it. Sailing on Steinlager 2 is a real privilege and we loved every minute of it. What makes a memorable experience is when all the elements that make it are planned and executed well. At no point did I feel that any part of the experience was negatively impacted by a lack of planning or willingness to make it happen.” 2014 Coastal Classic

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