Lion New Zealand’s major restoration was required after 34 years of wear and tear. The project brief between the NZ Sailing Trust and Yachting Developments focused on retaining as much of her original configuration both above and below deck with some modifications to meet current maritime standards and the demands of her current role.

 With a budget in excess of $1.1 million the restoration has been extensive, after 34 years no stone has been left unturned including a new mast, keel and everything in between (all electrical and engineering systems, navigational hardware, rudder and mast as well as sailing hardware). 

The NZ Sailing Trust has worked tirelessly and managed to raise the majority of the funds, however additional funds are still needed to complete the final touches to the restoration. After the generosity of so many people, the Trust started the Lion New Zealand 300 Club, we still need a people to join and help us fund finishing touches to Lion NZ, check out  

Better known for her Line Honours at the Sydney to Hobart in 1984 and her subsequent second  place in the Whitbread Round the World 1985/86 campaign, Lion New Zealand has been owned and operated by the NZ Sailing Trust since 2008. The Auckland based charitable Trust has delivered youth development sailing programmes on both Lion New Zealand and Steinlager 2 to over 8000 young New Zealanders.  To read the difference the experience has made to many who have participated in these programmes go to

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July 2018 by Evelien van Vliet

The New Zealand Sailing Trust welcomes
Evelien van Vliet

Our new Business Development & Programme Manager.  Evelien wrote a short piece on her background and how she feels about working for a not-for-profit organisation.  We are sure after you read this you will agree that Evelien is perfect for the job.

“Starting a new role for NZ Sailing trust it certainly helps that I enjoy the sailing aspect of the nature of the organisation. I have been following the Trust and its activity for a while now and have had strong desires to book a trip on board, even bidding on a voucher for rum racing at a charity auction.  Following NZ Sailing Trust online, it warms my heart every time I see our wonderful young people having a blast on trips around the Gulf.  It reminded my of my vivid memories as a youngster, a naive15 year old on the Spirit of NZ sailing Wellington to Lyttleton.  It was a wonderful bonding experience and something that has stayed with me throughout my life.  An experience that I believed instilled a passion for being out on the water. "

" My partner and our small family have a Davidson 31 yacht and we like to stooge around the Hauraki Gulf, the best cruising ground in the world.  When we are not cruising i participate in and have participated in Women's racing,  Wednesday night racing, Coastal racing, Two Handed racing, Gold Cup series and had fun helping out with a delivery sailing Barcelona to Antigua leg.  My partner and I have a bucket list ambition to sail offshore together once we can afford the 'bigger' boat."

 "I was attracted to the role because I have worked for tour companies, high schools and the University of Auckland.  I worked in the Operations team for Top Deck Europe scheduling buses, working with the crew, communicating with various suppliers to make a trip happen.  On my return from my OE, I was fortunate enough to step into NZ Operations Manager for Top Deck NZ scheduling coaches, crews, working with suppliers and mucking in when required.  In one case having to fly to Wellington to pick up a bus full of passengers because my two crew were admitted to hospital.  These types of events certainly kept the role interesting. I am a qualified Career Development Consultant and most recently the Employer Liaison Manager (another term for Business Development) at the University of Auckland Business School for the past 3.5 years. This involved working with externals to bring them onto campus to engage with students. I feel I can bring a combination of all my experiences and skills in my career to this role."

 "The biggest shift for me is shifting into NFP which is exciting and looking forward to doing my job and mucking in.  My market research for taking on this role was at the recent ETNZ lunch at RNZYS asking my fellow boaties what they knew about NZ Sailing Trust.  It would be fair to say they were excited for me and what the Trust offers only reinforcing I was making a good decision.  Before I have even put my feet under the desk I have had some optimistic conversations about people wanting to engage with what the Trust offers."

 "My why? I believe in the product and offering young people a sensational opportunity to develop life skills and lifelong friendships.  I want young people and all NZ’ers to have the opportunity to experience what I experienced as a 15 year old on a youth voyage around the Gulf, what better way than on significant boats to NZ sailing history and to uphold the legacy left by Sir Peter Blake."

"Dream job? Pretty close to it!”   EvV.

You can get in touch with Evelien on
Mobile: +64 (0)21 333 816