School Programmes

The NZ Sailing Trust works with schools and teachers to deliver exceptional learning opportunities. Lion New Zealand and Steinlager 2 offer a unique platform from which programmes for young people can be delivered. The sport of maxi yacht sailing brings to life values like leadership, teamwork, communication, determination, courage, and respect as each team member learns the various roles they need to perform in order to sail the yacht and reach their destination.

Learning to navigate, sail, cook and live on a maxi yacht leaves each team, at the end of their journey, with a great sense of achievement


We aim to work with you to tailor your journey with us to suit your student’s goals. These can be either curriculum specific or specialty areas. Examples include physical education, sport science, outdoor education, geography, science, social studies, environmental education and sustainability, leadership and teamwork; whatever your goal we can work with you to design a journey to suit your school.

As well as working to specific achievement standards, the key competencies of the NZ Curriculum are all developed naturally during our sailing journeys through the experience on board the yachts and the way our crew work with you to facilitate the learning journey.


Tailored Trips

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a sailing experience on one of our yachts to suit you and your students.

To help you with your planning we have done a lot of the work for you. The NZ Sailing Trust can provide you with:

  • Risk Management Forms

  • Parental Consent Forms

  • Medical Information and consent

  • Gear Lists

  • Menu

  • Suggested itineraries for the number of days you wish to sail with us.

The safety equipment that your group will be provided with for the trip will be a life jacket, wet weather gear (for those that don’t have their own) and a harness.

Weather is a big determining factor in the direction that we sail, the yachts have sailed around the world and so are capable of sailing in any weather.


Curriculum Specific Programme

There are many New Zealand Curriculum standards the NZ Sailing Trust and the teachers can work together to deliver whilst on a journey with us aboard Steinlager 2 or Lion New Zealand. The crew on board will facilitate the journey, team activities and create scenarios to enable the TIC to assess the students for the chosen standards. 

These yachts create a perfect setting for assessing students whether it be for a PE achievement standard or a Geography standard. If a Physical Education teacher or Geography teacher (that can assess these standards) accompanies the students on their journey we work with you to create learning situations so that these can be assessed. 

Our vessels are eligible to journey anywhere between the Bay of Islands, the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park (Auckland) and Tauranga. We have access to a lot of areas with limited land access and can provide a once in a lifetime learning experiences.

There are many possibilities when thinking about linking Curriculum Specific Programmes with a sailing journey and what learnings can be achieved.

For further information about our School Curriculum Programmes please contact
Evelien van Vliet, Business Development Manager on Mob +64 (0)21 333 816 or +64 9 215 0762 Email
Alternatively, you go to our Contacts page and send an email.