NZ Sailing Trust EMPOWERS young New Zealander's and bring to life the values of Leadership, Teamwork, Courage and Environmental Awareness.  Since 2008 NZ Sailing Trust has delivered lifetime experiences to over 8000 young people. Participants develop an appreciation of what it took to sail these yachts around the world and complete a challenge with a sense of respect and admiration for their fellow sailors and the sea. Participants come away with an understanding of who they are, respect for their peers, what their strengths are and how it feels to be challenged out of your comfort zone. The programmes are designed to bring out the best in everyone and empower those who participate.


  • Preserve the legacy of the significant sailing vessels, Steinlager2 and Lion NZ

  • Use these sailing vessels to provide experiences for young New Zealanders that bring to life the values of leadership, courage and teamwork and a new appreciation for the Environment.

  • Help ensure the future of New Zealand’s maritime industry through providing inspiration to young New Zealand sailors.

OUR YACHTS - Lion NZ and Steinlager2

These two yachts are the yachts that dreams were made of.  They founded many successful careers for kiwi sailors and inspired many more.  We want to ensure that legendary yachts from New Zealand's sailing history are preserved and utilised to help inspire the next generation of young New Zealanders. Adventure, the Sea, Competition, Camaraderie, and National Pride. The men and women who sail upon these boats, learn the stories of the sailors, what inspired them and how they overcame adversity, skepticism and fear to win the hearts not only of New Zealand but of the World.
Learn more about Lion NZ and Steinlager2.

Donations and Sponsorship are our main source of income and without these we would not be able to continue.  There are many ways to support the Trust and we invite you to explore this website and find out how.  Donate