Our Supporters

WINNERS HANG OUT WITH WINNERS - Join these generous companies by contributing to our Trust. In doing so you enable us to continue our programmes taking the youth around New Zealand on sailing experiences aboard the legendary Steinlager2 and LionNZ. Help us to Empower the New Zealand Youth

Key Funding Partners

Trillian Trust, Lotteries Grants Board, Grass Roots Trust, NZCT, Pub Charity, Infinity Foundation, Dragon Community Trust, Four Winds Foundation, North & South Trust, The Southern Trust, Dragon Community Trust, Blue-Sky Foundation, The Auckland Maritime Foundation.

Key Supply Partnerships

B&G, BEP Marine, Hella Marine, Volpower, Oceanmax, Yachting Developments, Takacat NZ, Yamaha Marine, Kiwi Yachting, Augusto, Fineline Marine, Lighthouse Marine, TransDiesel Ltd, Marine Installations and Services

Professional Partners

Heimsath Alexander, Bellingham Wallace, RSM